Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.

They're in each other all along.

-Jalaludin Mevlada Rumi

If the Twin Flame experience is deeply resonant with you, it may be in your soul plan to seek and discover the experience of unconditional love in human form. Twin Flame experience may be different for all who encounter it. Yet, the one common thread we have witnessed is the deep desire for a conscious love relationship that is born out of oneness and unconditional love. It is undoubtedly a journey of awakening to the depths of the hidden soul, so to bridge heaven and earth, God and humanity, love and action, Higher Self and human self. 

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Twin Flame Coaching and Healing

If you have found yourself here, you are probably looking for help with healing, guidance, counseling and decision making on your Twin Flame journey, or perhaps your spiritual journey. We help people in just these ways.


Most of the people we help want to feel confident and empowered to heal, to love themselves, and to make choices that move them toward their Twin Flame Union. If that describes you, then you are in the right place.

We use a mix of intuitive guidance, coaching and mentoring to help our clients. Sessions take place over one hour video calls. During a session, we will listen with our intuitive gifts, ask deeply introspective questions that bring about revelation, guide you through spiritual healing work, and share our Twin Flame experiences in a relatable way. 

We offer a free consultation to anyone considering working with us long-term. Just write to us and request your free Twin Flame consultation.


Anne and Catrina's Twin Flame work is enhanced and supported by thier skills and gifts in energy work, diverse and thorough spiritual studies, shadow work, and experience in helping people develop their intuition and spiritual guidance. Their Union gives them specific experience and wisdom of the Twin Flame journey, parenting by spiritual principles, blending families as Twin Flames, harmonizing with your Twin, life purpose work before and after Union, healing through sexual union, and spiritual approaches to trauma and addiction (just to name a few).


Catrina is a certified spiritual Life Coach, energy medicine practitioner and meditation teacher. Anne is a Reiki Master, and proficient in the arts of Divination. They are both open in many intuitive gifts, with over twelve years combined experience coaching, mentoring and healing. They have accumulated over 1,000 hours of direct client coaching work in the past year alone.

$177 Single Hour

$596 Four Hours

The Twin Flame Way