The Twin Flame Way 


A Monthly Twin Flame Reading 

A Monthly Twin Flame Energy Healing 

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What you Get

The Monthly Collective Twin Flame Mirror Reading
In this monthly reading, we reveal to you the mirror of your ONE consciousness with your Twin Flame. We record ourselves doing spiritual work with oracle cards and guiding you to find that place in your own consciousness, which is personal to you, to claim that healing for yourself through spiritual inner work. You witness how Twin Flames truly work together as spiritual partners and how the "Twin Flame Mirror" dynamic truly works. We model it for you. We also act as your mirror, as we call forth from your collective consciousness that which is standing in the way of your union and guide you through those blocks. There is much potency in collective readings, and we also teach you how to unlock that!  

Monthly Collective Twin Flame Core Healing
After your Core Healing work in processing and integrating your reading, you are invited to receive an hour-long energy healing. This is a powerful collective healing - the energetic and vibrational equivalent of being in a room with your spiritual community and loving yourself as a group! Each healing is sent in the angelic realm and delivered by angels for your highest good. Whatever energetic integration and clearing that you need, specifically, is what you will receive. We hold the intention and the vibration that holds the collective and allows us to call on all the angelic support for our tribe. We provide instructions each month in the recorded reading to maximize your benefit and to inform you of what to expect and what takes place during a remote healing.

Unlimited Access to Core Self Awakening

This class is part of a program of spiritual coaching and healing. We teach ... and so much more. Basically, we share ALL of our spiritual wisdom and our personal life and spiritual journeys with you, deeply. There is huge value in finding a professional spiritual mentor with a highly relatable journey to share and coach you along the way.
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This is For You If You Are.... 

On a Twin Flame Journey

Do you desire a committed relationship with your ideal lover, in which you each lift each other to unconditional love and relationship with God? Are you ready to deeply heal your life and take back your power to unite with your ideal lover and experience the path of your personal Heaven on Earth? Are you ready for total freedom and empowerment? Are you ready to commit to live a life of deep inner peace and allow yourself to be Divinely guided? If your answer to these questions is, "yes," then this is your Tribe!

Spiritually Disciplined and Self Motivated

Do you read and study spiritual topics on your own? Do you proactively seek spiritual healing, before your life has gotten into crisis mode? Are you ready to commit to a spiritual path and follow it through? If you answered, "yes," then this is your Tribe!

An Independent Thinker

Our healing and coaching work is supplemental to a self-chosen spiritual path. Our work is non-denominational and does not advocate any particular religion or spiritual path. We advocate that each person find what truly resonates with them and brings wellness and unconditional love into their lives. If you are committed to follow the spiritual path of your choosing, we can support you along that path, no matter what.


We draw from our own  to If you answered, "yes," to one or more of these questions, then this monthly healing service will perfectly complement and support your spiritual path. This is your Tribe!

The Twin Flame Way