Illness is a defense against the Truth

By using the human energy system as an archetypal map of your own consciousness, we can intuitively discover what core wounds are resulting in a blocked life force. Core wounding can manifest in the mind, body, behaviors and can become a negative point of attraction. We have developed a gentle, yet profound and powerful approach to consciousness healing using the map of the human energy system and various energy healing modalities. 

-A Course In Miracles

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Twin Flame Core Healing

Twin Flame Core Healing is a methodology that we created by placing consciousness healing, or shadow work, at the center of energy medicine. Energy medicine on its own is largely slow and ineffective in producing long-term results because it does not address the root issue of personal will and the unconscious self. Yet, when combining consciousness healing with energy medicine, there is a powerhouse of tremendous Core Healing available.

These three hour-long sessions we combine distance healing and intuitively guided consciousness healing. You will be gently guided through a series of energy readings and belief healings that cultivate unity and congruence between your intentions and your life force. Unconscious beliefs and systems of thought leave the life force "fragmented" or "blocked." Unconscious patterns of life force and are often referred to as the "shadow self." Yet, when we bring these fragments or aspects into the light of love and awareness, they release great personal power and activate your highest potential.  We can help you open the channel of power and healing that comes to you from your core self, which we think of as an extension and connection to the Source of all life. In this way you can learn how to self-heal in each session, mastering your intuitive gifts, consciousness healing and ability to connect to your inner source of life so that you can support your own independent spiritual work. 


The coaching hour is followed by distance healing, which can be for both you and your Twin Flame or just yourself. You will receive this just as you would any energy or bodywork, while in a relaxed receiving mode and laying down. Your Twin Flame will receive the energy according to the direction of his/her Higher Self, if you choose to send it with your service. It will be received by your Twin as a measure of healing grace, for his/her highest good.


The energy in the distance healing is facilitated by your own Core Self intentions. The healing energy comes from your Core, via your own connection to Source and is always for your highest good. We perform several modalities, according to whatever you feel guided toward. Energy work is also paired with your own conscious intentions for healing. 


In follow up to each session, you will also receive a report that includes an energy reading from your session with suggestions and insights to help you deepen and ground your healing.

If you are interested in Core Healing, you may request a free one-hour consultation to learn more and share your goals for healing. Based on your consultation, we can recommend how to proceed. 

Core Healing Addresses:​

Harmonious Union Attunement 

Core Wound Healing

Mother Wound Healing

Hara Alignment

Healing Masculine/Feminine Energy Rift

Soul Clearing for Life Purpose Direction

Soul Retrieval

Archetype Healing
Shadow Work

Chakra Balancing and Healing

Karmic Clearing

Energetic Clearing on all dimensions of your being

Past Relationship Healing

Biological Family Cord Healing

Heart Opening

Past Life Healing

Psychic Boundaries or Intuition Healing
Sealing Energy Leaks
Entity Removal and Protection

and More

$365 Single Session

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Session packages come with significant discounts. A consultation helps us produce a personalized proposal for your healing path.

The Twin Flame Way