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     Have you been working with the Law of Attraction to manifest a desire into physical reality but are not seeing results or indications that your creation is materializing?  One reason that people are not successful with manifesting using the Law of Attraction is due to focusing their creative energy on just one pole of their magnet (vibrational set-point).  Think of yourself as a magnet, having a positive pole and a negative pole.  You are...

Let’s unearth the homophobic beliefs that may be lurking behind the scenes within our consciousness so we can release them, heal, and make new choices that align with our Authentic Self, Love, and Truth.  

I am a same-sex twin within a same-sex union.  Today, I specifically direct this article to those of you out there who are same-sex twins.  In the event that you are struggling with one of the main blocks that I struggled with for years (homop...

When you choose to co-create your Twin Flame Union, be aware that this is a very high vibration love connection.  The relationship model you are familiar with is not a match to the vibration of Union, so it falls away.  A true Twin Flame Union is safe because it is based on unconditional love. It is created from a place of two perfectly compatible souls evolving to be able to love unconditionally. It is ever-expansive and adaptable and, therefo...

When we are grounded in Love, all is naturally balanced by God.  It is when we depart from our connection with God (the unity with Love within) that we experience imbalance.  As you expand your current experience of Love through choosing thoughts and actions that are aligned with Love, you increase your capacity for love and increase the duration of time that you are able to comfortably remain in good feelings.  

Growing pains are a na...

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January 24, 2018

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