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The following reading is a pick your card reading. We invite you to surrender any concerns you have concerning your Twin Flame Journey at the altar of your innermost connection with God and trade it in for clarity, peace, and joy. Go within and connect now and ask God for the perfect message for you in this very moment. You can choose your card based on the crystal corresponding to the card, the number corresponding to the position of the card, or you any other other selection process that feels appropriate to you at this time. Know that whatever card you choose, that you were perfectly guided by God to choose it as it points to the answer to your prayerful question.


Card 1 (Fluorite Sphere) : Golden Palace (Reversed)

This card is a beautiful reminder from the Divine that there is no shortage of anything (love, money, time, energy, etc.) when you are connected to the infinite Source from which ALL emerges in the present moment! There is but a moment of presence that contains ALL and from which all flows forth in perfection right NOW! Make your choice to be here now in this flow or abundance. If you have recently wondered or even feared that there isn’t enough, know that this fear is unfounded (despite all appearance to the contrary) by going within and releasing anything that arises to tempt you out of your rich connection to The Divine in THIS very moment. All concerns about past and present...let them go. All questions about how, when, and why...release them. The abundance in the Universe is immense, beyond our ability to intellectually comprehend, but we can receive this abundance if we dip our awareness into the stream of the well-being that flows to us in the moment. If it appears that there isn’t enough money, that love is far away, or that you are running out of time, etc. Chose to Love yourself HERE and NOW and fully receive the Love from God (that is without limit in its perfection, its quality, potency, presence, and unconditionality) and allow it to well up within you. The sense of lack that you experience is a reminder that you there is more to receive in the present moment than you have allowed. It is yours; claim it and receive it!

God Blesses You All Ways !


Card 2 (Smoky quartz) : Protecting Treasure (Reversed)

The Divine is offering you greater clarity on The True Source of your good and security. Your desire for security in all things has been heard and your prayer is answered. True security comes from your foundational relationship with God, not from your, your deeds, your possessions, your Twin Flame, what others think of you, etc. All other illusions of safety, refuge, and security come at a price and are not lasting. They are the illusions born from separation consciousness. Separation consciousness is a seed that only grows the weeds of illusion in our earthly garden. We are not responsible for creating ourselves nor are we responsible for sustaining ourselves. We are responsible for our choices! And, when our choice is to be firmly grounded in our relationship with Our Creator; we will see the seed of Unity consciousness grow and bear fruit of Truth. The sense of security in our consciousness will manifest in our physical reality as all manners of good that speaks directly to the desires of our heart. God is All there is. God is perfection and has created you in his likeness and you are a perfect creation of God. There is no thing in the creation of God that is separate from God and therefore nothing in creation that God is in opposition to. Attack therefore s an illusion for what power is there that exists outside of God? God never gives imperfectly, never withholds our good except for when we deny it ourselves by not choosing to see it our good as only having come from God. If what you perceive as your good seemingly falls away, know that this is just an invitation to go deeper into your relationship with God. When you are relating to God, and aligned with the Truth that God is The Source of all your good, you will see clearly that your good does not require protection. The only thing that can prevent you from receiving your good, retaining your good, and expanding your good is you...by your choice! Your good is constantly flowing to you for you to receive. There is no need to cling to it externally for that is never where it is!

Your real treasure is your Union with God and all that springs forth from it!


Card 3 (Tibetan black quartz) : Goblins (Reversed)

Never take anything personally, especially on the Twin Flame Journey. The upsets of others are never caused by you (although they can be triggered by you), but are always a reflection of that person’s inner state of consciousness. The upsets others have are theirs to work on, as they are the only ones who can choose healing for themselves (this is free will). Knowing this, you can easily see when another may be attempting to pull you into their upset, using blame or the seeming transference of responsibility onto you, what is and can only be their choice and their responsibility. If you allow yourself to engage another person’s upset in this way, you are agreeing, on some level, to leak energy to that person’s upset. It does not help them and does not help you. Make the choice to trust that as you stand firmly in your choice of Love and Union with God, that this person is perfectly taken care of. They are never without the Love of God or without their power of choice. Now, when it comes to your Twin Flame, they are never an other, they are you! Any upsets whether they are coming up for you or your twin, is the responsibility of your Union, your shared consciousness. While one Twin Flame may have the awareness and be in the upset working towards healing and loving the place within your consciousness that is upset, the other twin can support the Union and the healing of their shared consciousness by holding the space and staying anchored in LOVE and the new choice that opens up your shared consciousness to the integration and expansion of that love. Remain in your choice: LOVE and watch as all the illusions fall away as your feet!!

God is All-Powerful, God is Love, therefore, Love is All-Powerful! You power is your choice, and so your most powerful choice is LOVE!


The oracle card deck used for this reading is The Enchanted Map by Colette Baron-Reid.

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