When the Way Forward on Your Twin Flame Journey Seems to be Blocked

As you move in the direction of our desires, you may at some point come to (what appears to be) an impasse. An immovable block or an impossible task may loom before you. The path before you may seem to have dead ended with no visible way to further your progress towards your desire. The desire and the path to it may seem futile. You may even consider abandoning the journey. What if anything can you do in this scenario?

It is easy to get caught up in an illusion and remain in it. We can be clear about what we desire and clear about how deeply we desire it, yet still be investing our energy into an illusion that can block us from moving forward. How is this even possible? Well, if we are blocked from seeing the illusion as an illusion then it is quite easy to stay there despite the discomfort. Often the illusion may seem comfortable for some time, but there comes a time when maintaining the illusion becomes uncomfortable enough that we become willing to change. The willingness to change is exactly what is required to make a step in the direction of your desire.

See, the block confuses us and keeps us in a closed loop of recognizing that we are uncomfortable, desiring change, and then using our energy to try to change the outer circumstances to match our desire. We may even perceive that there are obstacles to us having what we desire. Any perceived obstacle outside of ourselves, is actually only a mirror in our environment of the block within. We can go to work at trying to barrel through the block that is mirrored in our environment, but it is futile because outside of us is not the source of the block. We can push against it and tug at it and it will remain unmoved. Perhaps it will even appear to be bigger, even more impossible, more powerful than us because we experience that it does not change no matter how we try to make it do so. The cycle begins again and this time with even more momentum and more of our energy powering it.

So, what is the lapse in logic that keeps us running in circles repeating the same uncomfortable pattern? If you want to be able to see whether or not you are stuck in an illusion, ask yourself this question: Am I trying to change something outside of myself so it will be what I desire? Am I trying to control something out there, someone out there, or some situation out there so that it will be what I want it to be? If you answer yes, then you have identified where you are leaking your energy. You now have the willingness and awareness required to not only see the block, but also to clear it and direct your energy into the creation of what you desire instead of energizing the continuation of the block pattern. You’ll know when your energy is contributing to the creation of your desire when you use it to change the only thing you have control over: your choices!

If there appears to be an obstacle on your path forward, know that the way beyond the obstacle is not in the focus upon it. The illusion is that the apparent obstacle is an obstacle, it is in the way, preventing you from getting what you desire (and it may even suggest that it is not worth your effort to go in the direction of your desire). The illusion is that the obstacle is out there and that you need to address it out there. The apparent obstacle only has the power to become an actual obstacle if we give it the power to do so by focusing upon it as if it is an obstacle. In fact the obstacle doesn't block the way, it is the way! In other words, the illusion that it is in the way is an internal block. It is the belief that something outside of you can prevent you from having your desires, can prevent you from moving forward on the path toward your desire. The way forward is in the clearing of the internal block. We clear the inner obstacle by identifying why it is, asking it what love it needs, and focusing beyond it at our inevitable success ...moving forward knowing that the way will be shown to us as we go because we will it with our choice.

If we joyfully make choices in the direction of what we desire, we will experience the inevitability of our success as we come to find that the apparent obstacle was just an illusion. The illusion of the obstacle served as an opportunity to claim our desire and our successful outcome, and an opportunity to grow in the awareness of the potency of our power to choose. The power is in the choice. There is no need to use control to push through an obstacle or to force your agenda. There is only the need to believe in how supported (by God) the power of your choice is to create the way forward towards your desire.

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