Core Wound Healing

The process of spiritual inner work presented below was developed by Catrina Cook after many years of practice with a variety of spiritual programs and self-healing approaches. This method is based on the philosophy of Carl Jung that "until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate." This is a discipline of self-coaching to guide you into your own unconscious patterns and beliefs so that you can bring them into conscious awareness and activate your highest potential. Though Catrina did not know it would result in Union with her Twin Flame, it is the spiritual approach she found would heal Core blocks, wounds, emotional upsets and triggers and reactivate lost creative energy in her life force. She used this process to heal unconscious wounding around her self image and relationships, so that she could define and create a partnership with her "Ideal Lover." This discipline inevitably led to her to Twin Flame Union, though she did not specify to herself the concept of a Twin Flame experience until after she realized she was having one. She now lives and thrives in a consciously loving Union with her Twin Flame, Anne Irwin, and still practices this discipline to manage her spiritual life and remain connected to her creative potential. Catrina also uses this method to help her clients reconnect with themselves, heal Core blocks and move into a consciously creative state of highest potential.

1) Identify it

Describe the external cause of the disturbance or unrest. Be specific. The first step into expanding and ascending in consciousness is to look at the external cause or condition that is a state of constriction or resistance. The feeling of unrest is simply the ego constricting to disallow the expansion of energy and love the soul is ushering in. A little piece of the ego dies whenever you expand your awareness into more Love, so it will naturally resist. It shows up symbolically as a discomfort of some kind. It can be physical, mental or emotional.

I am feeling _______ because _________.

2) Take responsibility

Determine what you think you want or wanted to happen in this situation instead. This is the beginning of stepping out of the symbolic message of the discomfort and into the peace and power that lies hidden beneath it. Looking honestly at you want to happen in your external conditions will give you the power to move deeper into your Core so that you can create exactly what your soul is inspiring you toward. We need to remove the ego function, or block, that is presenting itself as a barrier. The ego is the store house of the illusions of the mind, so you can eliminate it easily, bit by bit, through the power of awareness and choice.

I want/ed _________ in this situation.

3) Connect with your Core

At your Core, you are your true, Divine self. You express your divinity as an individual who has genuine values. These values determine your inspirations and desires, which in turn, determine your choices. Connecting to your Core Self will ensure you can align your thoughts and choices with who you really are. In this step, connect within to that still place of peace, and determine the underlying value or belief that causes you to want what you wrote in the second step. If you find it hard to connect, you can start with the belief that is driving what you want in step two.

I wanted this because I value or believe _________ .

4)Clarify it

Is this a true value you have? Is the belief true? Does this belief serve you and does it align with unconditional love? Does it rely on God as the source of power? If not, what is the correct underlying value or belief?

Yes: continue

No: Determine the true value/accurate belief within you that this situation is revealing and revise 1-3. Continue to clarify it until it is a true statement. Release the false beliefs and ego-driven attachment attached to reveal your true desire.

5) Claim it and Surrender all else.

My values are my gift from God, and they are WHO I AM. I AM that which I desire in the world, and I have the power, from God, to experience fullness and peace with this desire. During this step, begin to talk to yourself as God would speak to you in relationship to this Core Value. Allow God to speak to you in a personal way, giving you the correct knowledge and experience of Love that you need. As you engage this self talk from the Divine, you will naturally move into a feeling of deep appreciation for yourself as God has created you. Surrender all your fears and burdens to God, and only acknowledge God's power to bring what your heart calls for into your experience.

6) Affirm it with God.

Having taken these steps, I connect deeply to my Core. Here I find gratitude for the _(write your newly revealed Core Value)______ that I am inspired to create from. I now surrender this part of myself to God fully, so that what is truly for my highest good can unfold. I release all expectation and attachment and simply acknowledge this is the most authentic awareness I have yet to bring to Core Self. I am open to more being revealed. Use this affirmation to continue to integrate your healing. Come back to it and expand through the process again any time you are triggered.

Every trigger can be viewed as a call to go deeper with yourself in your Core values, in your faith and surrender, in your communion with God. Each trigger can act like a spiritual compass pointing you exactly to what specific creative energy is being blocked, so you can reclaim that part of yourself and make it useful toward creating a life that reflects who you really are.

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