How to Surrender "When and Where is my Union"?!

For those of us that have consciously chosen to cultivate a Twin Flame Union and are making the journey without distance to all the destinations on that path and beyond, the paradox of surrender and expectation often emerges. The reason for the appearance of any contradiction in our awareness is to provide us with an opportunity to become more clear in our awareness of and deliberate about our beliefs. Because we know that our beliefs serve as a framework for our experience, we know that they will determine what experiences we are choosing. When we choose beliefs that are aligned with Union (with God and our twin), we allow the experience of this reality to emerge into our experience. We literally give it a way to flow into our experience. When we have beliefs that do not align with Union, we are choosing (often unconsciously) to block this experience.

This happens because by virtue of free will we have chosen beliefs that prevent us from experiencing what we desire to experience. If we believe, for example, that our twin is not with us...we will receive evidence to support this belief (whether it is true or not) because we have this belief, it appears to be true for us in our experience. If this belief serves us, we will not experience contrast or disturbance when we see the evidence of the truth of this belief in our physical experience. However, if the belief does not serve us, we experience disturbance.

For this reason, a supportive way of regarding disturbances in our awareness is to see them as moments when you are presented with an opportunity to notice what you truly desire, and notice that your current thoughts, feelings, and actions are aligned with an old belief. It is an opportunity to notice that all the energy for the creation of the desire is pressing against these old beliefs to show you where you are preventing creative life force from flowing in to create your desire. It is an opportunity to release the old belief by deliberately choosing a better one that does allow the energy to flow in and create your desire. When there is this better serving belief knocking at the door of our awareness, asking us to choose it, we can immediately make the choice. There is no need to stay in the discomfort. Better serving beliefs are always progressing us toward the experience of Union.

These beliefs serve us and feel better than our existing belief (that we have chosen to be true) because they do not block the flow of the energy that we call in with our desire. If our desire is to know and experience the reality of Union or Oneness with our Twin Flame and with God, then we must first believe both that it is possible and that it is real. Without having chosen this belief, the experience of it cannot flow in. Without this belief, there is no framework for this experience to manifest within. We must desire it and believe it before we can see it manifest. We must believe it before we can perceive the evidence of this belief as being Truth. When we align our beliefs with Truth, we will not experience disturbance around this belief in the evidence we perceive as supporting this belief because it is a reflection of Reality and Truth. This is perfection.

Our energy, our life force, is creative and when we acknowledge a desire and choose it with our free will, we are directing our energy into the creation of this desire. Once a desire is chosen and we claim the good that is the manifestation of that desire, the focus is then upon the path in the direction of that manifestation. The manifestation is real and already exists, we must be a match to it. In order to be a vibrational match to it, we must align our vibration with it. We must become a match to it in our thoughts, feelings, and actions. We must remove our focus from what currently is or appears to be true, so that we do not create more of the same. When we choose Permanent Harmonious Twin Flame Union and we claim it, our responsibility is then to do the spiritual work to align our thoughts(beliefs), feelings, and actions with it. We must calibrate our choices to align with it.

If you focus on learning and growing your capacity for unconditional love, and you do the work that is focusing and realigning with it in thought (beliefs), feelings, and actions, then you are doing the work required to be a match to the experience of Twin Flame Union. You are doing what it takes to flow life force into this creation. You may not be aware of what the vibration of it is, but you tune yourself to it in this way. If you notice what is and instead focus on that, you are tuning yourself to vibrationally match more of what you are noticing.

So, what does it mean to surrender? Surrender is releasing all the work in the creation that is God’s into the hands of God. It is surrendering to the process and submitting to the doing the work of focusing on the where you are headed (unconditional love) and not on what appears to be your current circumstance. The goal is to only respond with love, in mind, emotions and actions. If you feel as if the prospect of Union is disappointing, then you are focused more on what things appear to be rather than where you are going. Where you are heading IS real, but it requires that you surrender looking at what is and trying to change and control what is to make it be what you want. You don’t change the what is, you change the awareness of who is. It requires to faith to observe what is and to believe in the possibility and reality of the “where you are heading.” You surrender all the efforts you are making that are based on controlling what is and you allow God to take care of that because you come to the awareness that that is God’s work. It feels heavy and impossible when we try to do God’s work.

Surrender is the faith, trust, and patience we demonstrate in the power and effectiveness of God (Love). God will deliver your desire, there is no “if it will happen”. It is certain! Once you are it, you experience it. When you desire (let’s say) a brush, and you choose to claim the experience of this go online and look for this brush that you are visualizing. You focus on the brush experience that you want and that leads you to finding the brush that matches that desire. You then remain in the process of becoming a match to this brush experience by following the process. You add it to your cart, your checkout, and then you have faith that it is on the way. You don’t look into your hands and notice that it isn’t there and reorder it over and over. No, you have no resistance to the experience of the brush and became a match to the brush experience as you focused on the process of becoming a match to the brush experience. Then you go about life, enjoying the brush experience that is being delivered to you. You did the work, it is on its way. And BOOM! before you know it, it is in your mailbox and into your hands and you are physically having the brush experience.

So, there is no need to wait. Waiting is a thought, feeling, and action that is focused on what is (my brush isn’t in my hands yet) and not on what is desired (I love the brush that I now recognize myself as having). We don’t want to experience ourselves as waiting, that does not feel good. We don’t immediately go camp out by the mailbox once we pay for it. We don’t put the brush in the cart and then go to the mailbox to wait because we know that the process was not completed. No, we fully surrender to and focus upon the process and what is desired. Instead, we feel a sense of peace when we have completed our work in the process. We remain in the peace, the peace is an indication of having done the work and having become a match to our desire. And the peace is an indication that we have the faith that the brush is inevitable because God delivers, always!

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