How to Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Raise Your Vibration

Have you been working with the Law of Attraction to manifest a desire into physical reality but are not seeing results or indications that your creation is materializing? One reason that people are not successful with manifesting using the Law of Attraction is due to focusing their creative energy on just one pole of their magnet (vibrational set-point). Think of yourself as a magnet, having a positive pole and a negative pole. You are attracting into your physical reality from both of our poles. There are the creations that we are aware of attracting into our experience and there are creations that we are unaware of attracting into our experience. When we bring to awareness the limiting beliefs and judgements that are at our negative pole and take responsibility for healing the block by making a new choice, the creative energy is freed to integrate into our conscious creation in the moment.

The creative energy that flows to you from God, enters at the negative pole (feminine/receptive) where it flows through the subconscious mind. If our subconscious mind does not limit the energy (or use it to create the experience of limit), the energy will flow freely into our conscious creations through the positive pole (masculine/giving). It is here where the conscious mind in the present moment uses the creative energy as you will. We make choices, exercising our free will, which sets the energy into motion (energy flows into matter). Creation clothes our idea in matter and assembles resonating, cooperative elements into the manifestation of that desire.

Both poles of your magnet have a magnetic field of attraction around them in which the space between the poles is where you are drawing experiences into your physical reality. Observe in the picture above, how there is a vortex at the center of the magnet, attracting into itself from both poles. What you are experiencing in your current physical reality is a mixture of what is being attracted by your vibrational set-point, using each pole of your magnet. If you are attempting to use the Law of Attraction to deliberately manifest all that you desire, you must work with both ends of your magnet, in order to elevate your vibrational set-point to a higher frequency. This is why it is important to work on both poles of your magnet (vibrational set-point) in a balanced manner.

The Law of Attraction operates by vibrational resonance, so that like attracts like. In order to attract that which is desired we must become a vibrational match to it. To work on the positive pole of our magnet, we actively exercise our free will (make choices), use affirmations, positive focus, imagination and visualization, positive feeling, etc. If we do this without working on our negative pole, it is a form of escapism known as spiritual bypassing. When our energy enters into our receptive pole, it can be diverted into creations we are not conscious of. The unconscious creation manifests as trigger or an upset in our physical reality. If we create an upset it is nothing to blame and shame ourselves for, absolutely is a good thing! It is a good thing because it is the indicator we need that points us to that limiting belief, that shadowy aspect, that unhealed trauma, that judgement that does not resonate with what we intend to experience. This is a gift because now we can identify that which needs to be brought into our awareness and consciously integrated. If we do not do the spiritual work, and we gloss over (and attempt to ignore or escape) our upsets with positive focus and numbing out, we will just continue to experience the upset resurfacing in a myriad of ways until we do what is required to bring the block into our awareness, heal it, and integrate the energy into conscious creation. This can become a long cycle of unconscious creation if we allow, or it can be remedied by doing the work. The choice is ours to make.

To work on the negative pole of our magnet, we use shadow work tools which look at thought or emotional patterns and what they become in our choices, actions and relationships. You can see a sample of this type of spiritual healing in our YouTube video, How Twin Flames Can Heal Past Trauma. When you these methods in your process of inner work, you become aware of the root "shadow" aspect of your self that is trapped in your bring it into your conscious awareness and heal it. After integrating, the creative energy of this aspect of your self can merge back into your consciousness as an aspect of your "light." When creative energy flows in, instead of being diverted into the old subconscious creation, it is able to flow freely into your present moment where you can use it to create your present reality. This makes more of your creative energy available to you NOW to use in creating that which you desire. It frees up more of the energy bestowed upon you for the sharing and multiplying with all of God’s creation.

When people discover working on the negative pole, or doing shadow work, it is exciting because now they can make some progress. But, here is where balance and follow through become important. If we focus on looking for upsets to heal and spend much energy on the sifting through the subconscious blocks and neglect our positive pole, we may experience fatigue and frustration. This happens when we are not effectively integrating our creative energy into our present moment and using it (giving it and sharing it). If you do not follow through and complete the mirror exercise, for example, and skip the last step, you are missing out. The last step is the integration of the energy back into your present self. It is the acknowledging of your new choice and the receiving of the energy (negative pole) into your conscious awareness (positive pole). It is giving it back to yourself, so that you can pour it into creation. If you do not fully integrate it, you’ll be peeling the layers over and over, you’ll be spinning your wheels.

As you do your spiritual work on both poles of attraction, you are able to lift your vibrational set-point to a higher frequency. This is the equivalent to moving your entire magnet upward in frequency and elevating the frequency of the vibrational set-point. This is the work required to become a match to your desire. Once you have chosen to co-create with God the manifestation of a Twin Flame Union, God provides both the energy required for the creation and the creation. It is our work to to allow it to come. We allow it by adapting a willing, persevering attitude that will undertake the spiritual work of clearing whatever it is within our mind that is preventing the flow of it into our experience. We balance the work of positive focus and negative focus. It is paradoxical, but it works.

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