Harmonious Twin Flame Union: Why NOT to Expect a Relationship.

When you choose to co-create your Twin Flame Union, be aware that this is a very high vibration love connection. The relationship model you are familiar with is not a match to the vibration of Union, so it falls away. A true Twin Flame Union is safe because it is based on unconditional love. It is created from a place of two perfectly compatible souls evolving to be able to love unconditionally. It is ever-expansive and adaptable and, therefore, unbreakable. It is a safe container to invest your love and energy into because it is not defined by rules and constructs that are meant to protect, restrict, and safeguard. It is not a safe. The boundaries of Union are not rigid unyielding walls designed to protect what is inside. Instead, they are expansive, flexible, and allowing. What is invested within Union magnifies and multiplies, it is not a stagnant holding place where love goes to gather dust. Union supports freedom and expansiveness and ever-evolving love and connection (unity and harmony). My twin, Catrina, and I often call it "a creationship" because it is a leading edge physical manifestation of connection with unconditional love at the foundation. If you have invested your love and energy into a relationship, then you are experienced in transactional exchanges, or co-dependency. This is easily described as the behavior of seeking outside of one’s self (outside of your connection to God) for love, fulfillment, pleasure, validation, etc. This model is not in fact a connection so much as it is an agreement. This model or framework for relating is based on the illusion that you are incomplete without another or what they offer. You need them and what they offer in order to be whole. This is the false, limiting belief that drives the relationship model. This is why there are preventative and protective measures in place when we enter into this type of arrangement. We are bound to the other and they are bound to us as a means of securing the flow of that which we depend on each other to provide for our happiness. This is a manifestation designed to meet a perceived need or void or lack.

Everything from the roles we expect each other to play, the way we expect to interact as a unit within society, and the form we expect a relationship to take are aspects of the relationship paradigm. We will date, the masculine energy will do this while the feminine energy will do that, we will share a bed, and we will have sex an average of 2.5 times per week and will marry, we will both hold ourselves responsible for the other's feelings and change our behavior if we upset them. We will need to protect our object of affection and protect the affection of our object. And it is all based on the illusion of lack. When connection with God is restored in our awareness as the primary and sole source of our good, we shift into abundance and unity consciousness. From this perspective, the construct of relationship is too confining and no longer resonates. As a twin, feeling and answering the call within toward Union, we begin to naturally slough off the relationship model, the old framework / paradigm. It is too small and too rigid to contain the vastness that we are. So, we no longer fit within its constructs. What we now resonate with is partnership and Union, which is creationship.

When you consider what Union is and what it looks like, be aware that your concept is that ideal in the horizon. As you make your way toward that horizon, your ideas about what it is and what it looks like (the definition) will also expand and evolve. If you are expecting Union to be like a relationship or if you attempt to evaluate Union based on the relationship model, you’ll be disappointed. It is not a relationship and it cannot “behave” like one. It is Union, it is a creationship. So, allow your definition of Union to expand and grow to include more and more (and to accept and include what is right now as it is right now). Seek God as the only source for your good and you’ll simultaneously release your control over and expectations for the state of the Union.

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