Twin Flames: Why Do We Purge?

When we are grounded in Love, all is naturally balanced by God. It is when we depart from our connection with God (the unity with Love within) that we experience imbalance. As you expand your current experience of Love through choosing thoughts and actions that are aligned with Love, you increase your capacity for love and increase the duration of time that you are able to comfortably remain in good feelings.

Growing pains are a natural part of the expansion and here is why: You are stretching to hold more LOVE. You have chosen a BIG LOVE and God has it ready for you, it’s got your name on it. But you can’t receive the BIG LOVE yet because it’s too big to fit into your somewhat-full, size-restricted container. So, you look at your container noticing that the BIG LOVE isn’t all the way in there yet. Meh <sad face>

Don’t be discouraged, your container is growing to the size that is required for the BIG LOVE to fit inside. You must first make some room in it by clearing out the old. You can purge all manners of clutter within yourself, and in your surroundings. Start with what you are not using or with what is using you. There must be the clearing away of the old before more can come in. You can’t put an entire new wardrobe into a closet full of your old clothes and junk. You understand that some old things need to be let go of because they aren’t doing any good, even though they are familiar and perhaps sentimental and did serve you at some point; they aren’t of use to you anymore, they are just taking up that you now reclaim for the new wardrobe (new wardrobe = BIG LOVE in this analogy). So, do some Core Self Healing, cry some tears, drive a few trunk-fulls of old stuff to the thrift store...the purging is making room. It is clearing out the thoughts, beliefs, and vibrations that do not resonate with BIG LOVE...the vibrations that resist the BIG LOVE.

When you notice that you are purging, be gentle with yourself. Choose to nurture and support yourself with thoughts and activities that are healing. This will expand your capacity for love. Your container will grow larger. Your vibration will be lifted and your familiarity and comfort level within the new vibration will be established.

Keep it up!


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