Intuition is the soul's power of knowing God

-Paramhansa Yodananda

The secret of Love has at last been revealed, and the book of Love has been rewritten. The desire for romance is, at the Core, is the desire for union within. It is the desire to become one with the Divine. When Divine Union is cultivated within, it manifests in the form of a harmonious Union with your perfect compliment; your Twin Flame. True love is the journey into Oneness. It is a journey from the inside out, from union with God, to union with the Divine Core Self, to union with your Twin Flame. 

Core Self Awakening

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Connect to Your Core Self - The Source of All Power and Divine Guidance

Who you really are is a Divine Being expressed as individuated source energy. You are an individual expression of the Divine. In our class we will show you how to consciously connect to the energetic part of your being that holds your true essence, your divine nature and your divine guidance. Your sole purpose is to be and know yourself as an individual expression of the Divine. You are the vessel through which the Divine Mind comes to know itself. Connecting into your Core Self unlocks all the life force and guidance that empowers you to this quality of conscious living.

Develop Your Intuitive Gifts and Unlock the Esoteric Wisdom Within

The subtle body is what we refer to as the supportive energy systems from which your physical body manifests. Connecting into your Core Self and opening the sensory awareness to the subtle body unlocks your intuitive guidance system, allowing you to receive your divine guidance. Esoteric wisdom is your birthright, and it comes from within through communication with your Core Self. It is through this communication that you were designed to navigate your life choices. Intuitive gifts are not accessed as psychic abilities. Rather, they are natural parts of your inner guidance system. In our class we teach methods to unblock and hone this level of higher communication through meditation, divination and reading symbols and synchronicity.

Discover Your Individual Divine Expressions and Learn Ultimate Self Love

Your Core Self is the pure essence of your divine individuality. The energy at this level of your being is pure, individuated source energy. Your Core energies are "programmed" with certain values that you are meant to discover and create from. At the Core level, they are the general essences of your individuality, and yet they are also divine. This individuated energy contains the personality of your true nature. It wells up into the rest of your energy body and joins in your mind as the awareness of who you are. In our class we teach you how to connect into your Core Self and recognize your individual values. We teach how to practice ultimate self love through the awareness and expression of who you really are.

Learn How to Stand in the Power of Your Own Truth and Be Free

Upon discovering the divine values expressed in your Core Self, you will begin a journey of freedom and self awareness. At every stage of growth, there is a new and deeper awareness of your Core values, and a new and deeper opportunity to claim and harness the power of these values. Your deeper discoveries offer you deeper choices with greater outcomes. Learning to to stand in the truth and power of who you really are gives way to more and more abundance and freedom. There is no limit to what you can have and experience. The journey is the infinite creation of your Self. In our class we teach how to discover your Truth, align with it, and remain firmly in the individual expression of your divinity. Such is the path of absolute freedom.

Form Your Own Personal, Spiritual Program of Enlightenment

Your personal empowerment and growth depend on your own willingness and ability to discipline your thought life and keep your energy body in balance. Your physical body, physical life and relationships manifest through your energy body. Creative energy is directed by the thoughts, beliefs and choices you make with your mind. It comes from your Core Self into the other levels of your energy body, and then your physical body. Changing anything on the physical level requires that you first change it at the higher levels of your being that govern the physical level. In our class we teach tools like meditation, psycho-spiritual exercises and energy healing that are necessary to train the mind and energy body to work with your Core Self. Your mind, energy body and physical body are your tools to support the creative work you do as your Core Self. 

 Release All Blocks to Your Source of Power and Creativity

Your Core Self is inevitably blocked in many ways. It is simply the state of evolution that we are in as a collective body. You have incarnated into a space in time where there is much separation, duality and lack mentality. These unconscious patterns in the collective must be realized and released on the individual level. Blocks to the Core Self block your creative energy and your life force and leave you dis-empowered. Core blocks manifest as defense mechanisms, irrational emotional responses, and physical illness. Clearing Core blocks frees the creative energy of your Core Self so that it may join with the rest of your life force in creating the divine expression of who you really are. In our class, we teach you how to swiftly and easily recognize and clear blocks to your source of power and creativity. 

Attract Harmonious People and Relationships - Including Your Ultimate Lover

All relationships are a manifestation of either your Core Self or what is blocking your Core Self. Clearing the blocks to your Core and freeing your life force will naturally empower you to attract the relationships you desire. This includes your Ultimate Lover, also known as your Twin Flame. Twin Flame is the new paradigm in our collective for romance and partnerships. We are currently collapsing the old paradigm of co-dependency and compromise to evolve to a new model that aligns with our divinity. We are on the leading edge of this manifestation as the collective conscious evolves to embrace and manifest the new divine model for romance. In our class we teach the methods for finding and attaining harmonious union with your Twin Flame.

Discover Your Spiritual Calling and Gifts to Humanity

As you discover who you are at your Core Self, you will also find that you are called to give powerful gifts to humanity. You will discover that you have burning desires and passions to give these gifts and to experience your divine contribution to the unfolding of human consciousness. These gifts are referred to in the spiritual community as life purpose. It is the divine work of your hands. As you go deeper into your Core Self, you will discover that you are only fulfilled when you are embracing your divine work, and all aspects of life will work seamlessly together to support you in doing it with joy and passion. In our class, we teach you how to open to your spiritual calling and begin to support the self discovery and growth you desire to make here.

Manifest Abundance Everywhere You Go

As above, so below! This means that what exists at the higher dimensions of your being will manifest at the lower dimensions. You can think about the higher dimensions of your being as high frequency energy that slows down as it descends into the physical dimension. As the energy slows down, it manifests into physical matter and 3rd dimensional life. What you manifest at the physical level is either a reflection of your Core Self or a reflection of something blocking your Core Self. The more life force and creative energy you free from your Core, the more abundance will be reflected to you in your physical life. In our class we teach how to make simple changes to the subtle energies of your being so that you are manifesting the physical abundance that reflects the infinite life force in your Core Self.

The Twin Flame Way