The Twin Flame way 

to harmonious union

~A group mentoring class for Twin Flames~

teusdays at 1:30 pm EST~ With Anne and Catrina

In The Twin Flame Way to Harmonious Union Group Mentoring Class you will learn the most essential spiritual principles and practices that lead to Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. In the class, you will be guided by Anne and Catrina in the application of the various spiritual tools in order to familiarize yourself with these practices.  You will learn how to call in your True Twin Flame, how to claim your Harmonious Twin Flame Union, how to heal the separation in your Union, and more!  The Twin Flame Journey does not need to be difficult and is not when you have the appropriate tools and support.

The Details

Class Time

Tuesday at 1:30pm EST is the current class time in which we have openings. 


There is no pre-requisite to enroll in our classes, though we do suggest that you book a coaching session if you would like to get a feel for what it is like to do the powerful spiritual work we offer in the class. We do not accept everyone into our classes or for coaching. You must align with our values, sincerely desire the results we promise and be willing to do the work to achieve them. The work is not hard. It is easy and enjoyable. It simply requires that you surrender and trust the process. 

Format and Technology

The class length is 60 minutes and the format is a live video call via the Zoom platform. Each class is recorded and as a bonus for our students, and most class recordings will be available for replay within one week. The recorded classes will be offered to non-students through a subscription and log in. Each class is intuitively guided and includes meditation and energy healing techniques performed for the group. There will be dialogue between the instructors (Anne and Catrina) and selected students in most classes. All students will receive one-on-one engagement from the instructors on a regular basis, but not in every class. 

Cost and Payment

The live class includes access to the recorded replays. It is $149 monthly (for four classes). That breaks down to $37.25 per 60 minute class. You can sign up through this website and payments will be handled through the subscription feature of PayPal. They automatically renew every month. There is a $15 administrative fee to manually make changes to payment processing. You can handle most of the payment updates you need to make through your own PayPal account.

Recording and Replays

There is no personal recording allowed. Replays are available for students only at this time, however, all replays will become available for subscription in the future. Please do not attempt to share the replays, as this would be stealing. 

Code of Conduct

The class is guided and instructed. There is a topic and supporting material for each class, so please confine your comments and questions only to the times you are asked to share. If you are asked to share, you are expected to do so. This is the benefit and the requirement of being a student. You will be treated with compassion and respect at all times. There is no cross-talking allowed between students, which will eliminate any potential tangents or misunderstandings. Discussion is only between the instructors and the students. During discussion, please turn on your camera and microphone. Please leave your microphone off unless you are asked to speak. If you are going to miss class on a particular week, please email and let us know. 

Refunds and Cancellations

The quality and power of our work is good, proven to work, and advocated by our clients. Therefore, we do not offer refunds. If you decide to cancel your enrollment prior to the completion of a four-week billing period, you can still attend the remaining sessions, but they will not be refunded. You can cancel your subscription through PayPal anytime, however, we encourage you to dialogue with us about your concerns before doing this. Transformative spiritual work relies on commitment and discipline to achieve results. Since your Core Self is limitless, there is no reason to ever give up on claiming more power and creativity. Once you give up your seat in the live class, you will not be readmitted. We reserve this special opportunity to those truly committed to learning and practicing our life changing techniques and principles. Typically a desire or seeming need to end your enrollment is often indicative of a Core block that can easily be cleared in class. If you still do decide to cancel at some point, please consider the fact that we deeply love and care about you so that you can communicate your decision appropriately. 

The Twin Flame Way