Our Story

We have a unique Twin Flame story and are delighted to share it with you. We were one of the very first Twin Flame couples to come into Harmonious Union. With God's gifts, we have helped pave the way for all of humanity to realize the Twin Flame Reality. It is not just a dream. We can show you The Way! 


We are Anne and Catrina, and we are Twin Flames in Harmonious Union since August 2016. Though we have known each other since the late 1990s, it took twenty years for us to become clear on our connection, to accept each other as who we really are and to choose to be in Harmonious Union. We did not know about Twin Flames, and there were no others who had paved the way with wisdom and support to quicken our process. Yet, we made it, because it is who we are; who we are designed to be.


Within the first year of knowing one another, we each recognized an intense and powerful magnetism when we were together. However, early attempts to engage and explore this connection resulted in explosive, and often, traumatic situations. We did not know about Twin Flames, and there were lifetimes of unsupportive habits, fears and beliefs that needed healing before we could truly recognize one another.  


Our understanding of the truth of who we are to each other unfolded slowly over the years of knowing each other. This makes us unique, because many Twins meet each other much later in life and only after one has dedicated him/herself to a spiritual path. We each made a deep commitment to spiritual development after knowing each other, and much as a result of wanting to understand the mysterious connection we shared. In our separate lives, we each endured enormous traumas, tragedies, addictions, abuse, and codependency. We each wrestled with sexuality, denied ourselves and entered long-term relationships where we birthed our five beautiful children. There was much healing and growth needed before we could recognize each other as Twin Flames. Our unique, tandem journey is profoundly symbolic of the Twin Flame reality.


In retrospect, we see how the experiences and the healing we each chose were paramount in recognizing each other as Twin Flames. At each turn, we provided for one another the exact response and wisdom needed to guide each other into healing events and patterns that many people do not survive. Our lives have mirrored one another, like an intricate dance. It screams loudly, “We are the Mirrors of each other’s souls.” And so we are.


We each simultaneously, though not together, invoked the choice to manifest our perfect lovers, for we could each feel this reality in our Core and desired deeply to manifest the experience. We helped each other at times create and become clear on a vision for that lover, all while not knowing the work would lead to each other. This was a Divine gift for us, because there was not any support for Twin Flames coming into Harmonious Union at the time. So God gave us this gift to share with each other, and our gift is now given to the world through our work.


On God's timing, we were guided to come together and profess our Truths. We began to see each other as who we really are: Twin Flames. We handled our process masterfully through our relationship with God.  We are a triumphant and victorious couple with unlimited Love to give to those on the same journey. We know the Way. The Twin Flame Way is who we are, it is our message, and it is our gift to the world. If your heart has called you to search for your Beloved, your One True, your Twin Flame, then you have found yourself here by the hands of the Divine. You are in exactly the right place. Answers and help are just a click away. Heaven awaits. Let's go!


Big Love,


Anne and Catrina

The Twin Flame Way

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