Our Story

Anne and Catrina in 1999
Twin Flames Anne and Catrina


Though we have known each other since the late 1990s, it took twenty plus years for us to become clear on our connection, to accept each other as who we really are and to have the courage to live as our true selves. We did not know about Twin Flames, and there was no one else's experience to draw from. The internet was full of misleading ideas and toxic "spiritual" communities claiming to have the answers to what the Twin Flame connection was about and how to navigate it.


In our experience, there is no formula or definition for Twin Flames. It is only about the honest, hard work of opening your heart and learning how to love the way you want to be loved. Our Twin Flame journey is best described as an archetypal journey where "Twin Flame" is a grid or template for unitive love in the human experience. We believe the journey cannot be manipulated, reduced to a formula, or even defined. Rather, we believe it must be lived by those who have the "Twin Flame Archetype" in their soul map. For reasons both known and unknown, we certainly do.


Within the first year of knowing one another, we each recognized an intense and powerful magnetism when we were together. However, early attempts to engage and explore this connection resulted in explosive, and often, traumatic situations. We did not know about this commonly shared aspect of the Twin Flame Archetype and it's highly catalyzing nature. There were lifetimes of unsupportive habits, fears and beliefs that needed healing before we could truly recognize one another, much less take any practical life steps together.  


Our understanding of the truth of who we are to each other unfolded slowly over the years of knowing each other. We each made a deep commitment to spiritual development after knowing each other, and much as a result of wanting to understand the mysterious connection we shared. In our separate lives, we each endured enormous traumas, tragedies, addictions, abuse, and codependency. We each wrestled with sexuality, self-worth, personal identity, boundaries, and resilience. There was so much healing and growth needed before we could recognize each other as "Twin Flames." Before we could identify together as two people on a tandem journey of unconditional love, we had to identify our inability to love; our very lack of awareness of what love is.


In retrospect, we see how the experiences and the healing we each encountered were paramount to our outcome. Through an intricate series of our respective lives weaving together, we arrived at a place of recognition, choice, and commitment, all of which continue to grow and deepen with skill and artfulness. We truly do experience our relationship as a union of souls. Perhaps all of humanity is meant to have that experience with each other; to see in one another a divine essence and exude unconditional love. Perhaps the Twin Flame Experience is where it all begins.


Our wish is that you may find hope, inspiration, promise, and wisdom in our story and that your heart may lead you courageously into the bright light of your own soul.


Big Love,


Anne and Catrina

The Twin Flame Way