The Book of Love





 True love is the journey into Oneness. It is a journey from the inside out, from union with God, to union with Self, to union with another. Union isn't a merging or an attaching or connecting process. Rather, it is a mystical journey of non attachment and an un-learning of the traits and beliefs that separate the brotherhood of the whole of humanity. It is a path of returning to who you really are and the reality of love that created you. It is a path of self awareness, unconditional love and service to the human condition. By first becoming a person who can love hugely, you can stand together with another in that big love and share it selflessly with the world.


Join Twin Flames Anne and Catrina 


Thursdays, 1pm Eastern

The Twin Flame Way


I am absolutely loving these energy healing sessions! 
WOW!!! I fell asleep embraced in a cocoon of divine love. I could feel God's love for me in a way I had never felt it before. Every cell of my body felt loved and supported by God. It was so overwhelming I wept with joy!! My heart was bursting with love.

The Twin Flame Way